Illustrations - Traditional Illustrations - Traditional Northern Darkness Zine (Vol.5) Ad Illustration advertising the upcoming Blurgh! The Cat strip in Northern Darkness Zine (Vol.5). 205086179 "Cuddles in the North" "Battles in the North" by Immortal parody. Featured in Northern Darkness Zine. 205086177 "If it ain't Black Metal...don't fuckin' settle!" Illustration featured on the back of Northern Darkness Zine. 205086178 "Blurgh Walking in the Woods" Illustration to celebrate 500 followers on Facebook (Totally not underground OR trve...) 205086151 "Black Coffee" Illustration drawn for an unreleased A3 print. 205086152 "Creative Block" Illustration drawn for Inktober 2015. 205086153 "Blurgh! Covered" Illustration drawn for Inktober 2015. 205086154 "FROSTBITTEN KITTENS Lineup" Illustration drawn for Inktober 2016. 205086203